Abtenau im Lammertal taxi transfers

Abtenau used to be a small market town in the Hallein District in the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is situated in the mountainous area of Salzburg, at an elevation of 714 m above sea level. Nowadays, Abtenau im Lammertal is a small ski resort in the Salzburg area, one of the finest and the cheapest ski areas in Austria. The Abtenau Ski Resort, which is one of the Lammertal’s best ski resorts, is the perfect choice for your winter holidays in Austria.The skiing season starts on December 8 and ends on March 18. Snow coverage is usually best during February. However, diverse hiking and activity offers make Abtenau as worth a holiday in summer as in winter. Abtenau im Lammertal features 33 sunny days on average per season.


How to get to Abtenau im Lammertal – choose a reliable car rental service

To get there in a quick and comfortable way and at the best rates available, book your taxi transfer from the airport in Salzburg with Austria taxi service now.

Austria taxi service offers taxi transfers at the most reasonable prices in Austria. You can book your taxi-transfer to Abtenau im Lammertal not only from the airport in Salzburg, but also from any other airport on our list, as well as from any part of Austria. If you are one of the people arriving here in this area during the winter season, be aware of the fact that Innsbruck airport and Salzburg airport are full of people in the same situation – wanting a worry-free taxi service to a desired location. Let Austria taxi service be your choice of hassle-free transfer to and from the airport. Regardless of how many people you are travelling with, Austria taxi service has a vehicle that suits your needs best.


  • Taxi transfer to and from Abtenau im Lammertal – an ideal solution for three people with suitcases (individuals, couples, small families, business people)
  • Van transfer to and from Abtenau im Lammertal – a perfect choice for up to five or eight people with some extra luggage (two families or a large group of friends for example).
  • Minibus transfer to and from Abtenau im Lammertal – an ideal option for up to fifteen people or organized groups with lots of suitcases or winter sports equipment.


All of the vehicles are air-conditioned and regularly serviced. If you are travelling with children, you can request seats for them. Our licensed and knowable taxi/van/minibus drivers are ready to pick you up anywhere and anytime you want. Whichever type of transfer you choose, the ride to your hotel will be safe, pleasant and comfortable.


The cost of transfer to and from Abtenau im Lammertal

You can book a vehicle to Abtenau im Lammertal through our online booking system. You just need to choose the pick-up and drop-off address, the type of a vehicle, the time and date and that is all. The cost of transport to Abtenau im Lammertal is calculated easily – the mileage travelled is added to the fixed rental price of a certain vehicle.
As a regular customer, you can get a lot of additional benefits.

Due to limited vehicle offerings, we recommend that you reserve your vehicle in time. For more information, feel free to contact us and we will organize your individual or group transfer to Abtenau.