Munich Airport Taxi Transfers


Munich airport

Munich Airport is exactly 30 km northeast from the centre of the city of Munich, located in the part of the city called Erdinger Moos, where it was open in 1992. It is the second largest airport in Germany, after the one in Frankfurt am Main. It is ranked seventh in Europe by the number of passengers arriving at or departing from it.

About 40 million passengers go through its two terminals every year. Due to a short distance between Munich and Salzburg, Munich Airport is very important for tourists from this part of Austria.


The best way to travel to and from the airport in Munich

Even though this cosmopolitan city has an excellent subway network and an extensive network of bus lines, its charming architecture is seen best if you have a comfortable seat in an air-conditioned taxi.

If you are in a hurry, as many of the people catching a plane are, then you definitely want to avoid traffic jams. Most times, you cannot choose the time of travelling but you can choose a professional taxi service with knowable and practical drivers who can take you to your destination as quickly as possible – even in rush hours.

Austria taxi service has experienced drivers who can find green waves whenever you need them.


Types of transfer

Depending on the number of passengers and the quantity of luggage, you can choose from a wide selection of our vehicles.


We offer:

  • Taxi transfers
  • Van transfers
  • Minibus transfers


All of the vehicles are air-conditioned and properly maintained. Your safety and comfort are high on our list. All of them include child seats suitable for kids of all ages free of charge. Wheelchairs can be transferred, too.


Taxi transfers to and from Munich airport

Taxi transfers are a perfect option if you are a solo traveller with loads of suitcases or you are in a hurry to get to a hotel where your business meeting is about to start. This is a good choice for spouses with a child or three friends on a sightseeing tour since our taxis can seat up to three people.


Van transfers to and from Munich airport

If you are a family with two or more children or a group of friends on a summer break eager to discover all the beauties this bustling city has to offer, the best solution for you is a van transfer. Van transfers are organized for up to five or eight people.


Minibus transfers to and from Munich airport


Minibus transfers are the best option for two or more families on a joint venture to explore all the majestic places in Munich and catch a flight on time. Organised groups of people rushing to and from the airport should choose minibus transfers, too.


Transfer costs

Austria taxi service offers totally transparent service without hidden costs. Our affordable prices include the type of a vehicle and the mileage travelled which can easily be checked through our online booking system. Our advice is to book a desired vehicle in advance due to a limited offer.

We are at your disposal 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.