Taxi transfers from and to Bregenz

Bregenz is a city located in the westernmost part of Austria with about 32,000 residents. Although not the largest, Bregenz is the capital of the state of Vorarlberg. This city lies on the coast of Lake Constance and is not far from the German and Swiss border. The city still has remnants of medieval walls from the 13th century as well as a tower with St. Martin's Chapel.

Another landmark of the city is the parish church which was erected in 1097 and reconstructed later on. Nowadays, Bregenz is famous for its festival of classical music taking place in the summer on a floating lake stage, its dimensions being 110 x300m. Bregenz is a well-known tourist destination in the winter and in the summer.

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Bregenz car rental

Bregenz has both winter and summer sport facilities. It is a regional centre for banking, insurance and retail trade. Therefore, it has a lot to offer to potential visitors coming here for business or pleasure. If you want to enjoy all the magnificent things this city has to offer and travel around without worrying about driving, the best option is to rent a car with a professional driver. We, at Austria taxi service, take pride in being practical and professional. The vehicles we have are well-kept and air-conditioned. Your kids can have baby seats or seats for children depending on their age. We can transfer wheelchairs, too.


Taxi transfer from Bregenz to any location

If you are travelling alone or with a few other friends (up to three of you), the best solution is to hire a taxi transfer with a driver who will drive you to the exact location of your choice. Would you like to go to certain place or simply visit the sights of Bregenz – no worries, we can arrange your transport.


Bregenz van transfer

Van is an excellent choice for travelling in a group, as well as for larger families. We have two options currently – van transfers for up to five or eight people. If you want to secure a safe and convenient ride to your desired location, our van transfers are an excellent choice. Our vans are very spacious and have enough space for all of your belongings and extra baggage.


Minibus for your visit to Bregenz

For Bregenz sightseeing and group trips (for up to fifteen people), we offer a minibus rental service with a driver that will drive you to any location from and to Bregenz. Whether you are visiting Bregenz as a tourist or are on a business trip, it will be our pleasure to transport you to any destination.


The cost of Bregenz transfer

The cost of transport from or to Bregenz is calculated by the mileage traveled plus the fixed rental price of a certain vehicle. This can easily be checked through our online booking system, so that you can be sure there are no hidden costs. By hiring us, you get the best transportation service at the best available rates.

Due to limited vehicle offerings, we recommend that you reserve your vehicle in time. For more information, feel free to contact us.